Assessment & Statistics Software

Assessment/Statistics Software

This pie chart depicts the one assessment/statistic software package evaluated and the number of people who evaluated it. Survey results are below.



SurveyMonkey       Average Rating

How easy was it to learn this product?

4 5 5 4.7

How proficient do you need to be with programming or technical skills in order to learn this program?

3 4 3 3.3

What are the prerequisites for using this software?

None, except knowing how to use a browser.   You need to be comfortable reading the screen and trying different things to get the survey that you want.  

Was this a FTE or individual purchase?

Individual Individual Individual  
How much did you pay for it? Used free online version only Department purchase 19.95 per month  

Based on what you paid for this product how well did it meet your needs?

It was good for free.




How would you rate this product in accordance with how well it met your needs?

3 4 4 3.7

Knowing what you know now about this product would you purchase this product ? Why or why not?

We hope to purchase the regular version this year. yes, easy to use and collect data Absolutely. It is a terrific program, very accurate, and easy to use.  

How difficult is it to implement a site-wide license?

Not sure.   It isn’t difficult, although my institution does not have a site-wide license because unfortunately not that many people do assessment.  
What is the expense of upgrades? Does it automatically upgrade? N/A   There is no cost for upgrades. The site automatically upgrades (it is web-based).  

What year did your institute first try using this software?

  2006 2003  

What tasks did you want it to perform?

Conduct online simple surveys. collect and analyze data Create different types of surveys with both quantitative and qualitative questions, collect responses, and export results to Excel.  

Are there maintenance requirements?

Not really. no No.  

Editing: How easy is it to make changes to the product?

Easy to edit surveys, test, etc. very easy Very easy–everything can be edited. The only time it restricts you is if your survey has already been filled out, and this is a good thing so that you do not invalidate your results by asking different questions.  

Technical considerations Rate the level of problems you or your users have had with this software package.

4 4 4 4.0
Additional comments:        
Does this program require a lot of memory on your computer? Not really. no, online No–you use it through the Web  

Does this software work with or is able to create various necessary file formats?

Yes, paid version can save and export survey data in various formats. yes, able to print out surveys in PDF format Yes–it can export to Excel, SPSS, and other programs.  
Can you install program yourself or does it require help of systems admin? Nothing to install, use online. no installations, online website You don’t need to install it–you use it via the Web–so you can do it yourself.  
Overall Pros Easy to use, free version for small surveys, paid version for larger surveys. user-friendly format, easy to create, summary of results Powerful, has the types of survey questions we need, collects surveys easily, allows for manual input if you also distribute paper surveys, and exports results well.  
Overall Cons Have to pay for the extra features. none None  

Final Comments

  Love Survey Monkey! Highly recommended  



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