Join the DLS Discussion Group for a Virtual Panel @ Midwinter

Join the DLS Discussion Group for a Virtual Panel Discussion on Defining Distance in the Academic Library

Event: At the Tipping Point: Defining “Distance” in the Academic Library—Trends, Roles, and Challenges

Please register at:

Date and time: Thursday, February 12, 2015 12:00 pm Eastern

Duration: 1 hour

Distance Librarians work on the front lines of one of the biggest changes taking place in higher education—online learning. As educational institutions develop models for online delivery of courses and curriculum that best serve their students, their libraries must also respond with the appropriate services and support for these students. The result is many different models for how distance librarians work, where they work, and what additional challenges and obstacles they face.

Panelists include Neely Tang, Off-Site Public Services Librarian, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University; Stefanie Buck, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University Libraries in the Teaching and Engagement Department; Luann Edwards, E-Librarian, Tiffin University; Seth Allen, Online Instruction Librarian, King University; and Priscilla Coulter, Senior Online Librarian, American Public University System.

These librarians bring experience and insights into blended distance librarianship, working outside the library’s traditional organizational structure, and whether librarianship is increasingly serving all its students “at a distance”. Join us for a conversation with these librarians, to learn more about their experiences as they meet the needs of distance learners.

Take part in our discussion on Twitter with #dlsdefinedistancechat

Attendees will need a headset or speakers and an Internet connection to hear the discussion. Prior to accessing the meeting, you will need to have the most up-to-date version of Java downloaded. If attendees have any difficulties accessing the meeting, they can call WebEx’s tech support number at 877-469-3239.

If you have never attended WebEx Event before:

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For more information, please contact Jill Hallam-Miller at or at 717-728-2415.

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