Ad Hoc Committee- Volunteers Needed

Dear Distance Learning Section Members,

I would like to extend the following volunteer opportunity for ACRL Distance Learning Section members. You must be a current member of ACRL and DLS in order to volunteer.

On Thursday, August 28, 2014 the Distance Learning Section Executive Board approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to serve through my tenure as Section Chair (June 30, 2015). The DLS Ad Hoc  Member Collaboration Program Committee is  informally charged with planning, purposing, and starting a DLS Member Collaboration Program. The scope of the program will go beyond the realms of a formal mentorship program and may include pairing DLS members working on similar projects or pairing together librarians to exchange professional advice. The committee will need to define its own purpose and outline desired outcomes as well as draft a plan to launch a successful Member Collaboration Program.

I am looking for 8-10 members to serve on this committee under the guidance of the DLS Executive Board.

If you are interested please email me ( by COB Friday September 12, 2014.  Please do not email the listservs.

I am excited about this opportunity.

Thank you,


Alice L. Daugherty
ACRL DLS Chair 2014-2015
Collection Assessment and Analysis Librarian
LSU Libraries
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

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