The New Members Round Table offers a free Resume Review Service, Saturday, June 28 and Sunday, June 29, from 9:00 – 5:00, in the ALA Joblist Placement Center at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas!

A schedule of reviewers (with library type and specialization) will be posted on the RRS site a few days prior to the conference. You may want to look at the schedule and jot down a few possible times.

Once at the conference, stop by the Resume Review Service (located inside the ALA Placement Center). At that time, you may make an appointment to see a reviewer or if one is available, you could meet then. Appointments usually fill up quickly, so be sure to make an appointment as early as you can.

Try to be a few minutes early for your appointment. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we cannot guarantee that your appointment will be held. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please stop by and let us know.

Appointments are 30 minutes long. Bring copies of your cover letter and/or resume. If applicable, it would be helpful to bring a copy of the job ad. After reading over your resume and/or cover letter, your reviewer will probably ask you a few questions and will probably comment on format, grammar, punctuation, and overall strengths and weaknesses of your documents.

Please be courteous and keep your meeting to the 30 minute limit.

If you would like a second opinion, you may schedule another appointment with a different reviewer (schedule permitting).

The last appointments are 30 minutes before closing each day.

If you have questions, please contact the NMRT Resume Review Service Co-chairs, Cheryl Blevens and Nicole Spoor, at

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